Aslı Aktan-Erciyes, PhD (Lab Director)

Aslı Aktan-Erciyes is the principal investigator of the SiLab. She is mainly interested in how language and cognition interact and how bilingualism influences this interaction. She has obtained her BA in Business Administration from Boğaziçi University, her MA and PhD in Psychological Sciences again from Boğaziçi University. Upon completion of her PhD, for a year she worked as a post-doctoral researcher at Language and Cognition Lab in Koç University.


Graduate Research Assistants

Songül Kandemir (Lab Manager)

Songül is an MA student at Kadir Has University. She is interested in mother-child interactions, gestures, and the interaction between language and thought. She explores the verbal and gestural differences between adult-directed speech and child-directed speech in her current research. Her thesis is about the paternal and maternal causal language input and causal language outcome of preschooler children.

Büşra Sena Can

Büşra Sena is an MA student at Kadir Has University. Her research interests are language and memory, second language proficiency, and mind relation. She still continues her research on the relationship of recall in L1-Turkish and L2-English emotionally charged words. Her study was to determine whether the recall of emotionally charged words has the same intensity as the first language.

Pınar Öztürk-Atlı

Pınar is an MA student at Kadir Has University. Her research interests are the evaluation of explanation quality, theory of mind ability in early childhood, and its effect on selective trust. She is also interested in studies in the theory of mind studies on bilingual children.


Tuğba Güler

Tuğba graduated from Ankara University (BA) and currently studying Developmental Psychology (MA) at Kadir Has University under the supervision of Dr. Aslı Aktan-Erciyes. Her general research interests focus on the association between parenting and the cognitive development of children. Particularly, she is curious about the effects of parent-child interactions on the language acquisition process and theory of mind skills of preschoolers.

Betül Firdevs Zengin

Firdevs was an MA student at Kadir Has University. Her research interests are language and cognition, early bilingualism, second language proficiency, and executive functions. She wrote her thesis on the effects of second language proficiency and language distance on young adults’ executive functioning performance.


Pınar Karataş

Pınar was an MA student at Kadir Has University. Her thesis was about the relationship between bilingualism, creativity, and executive functions in monolingual and bilingual preschool children. Her research interests are creativity, L2 acquisition, bilingualism, and executive functions.

Betül Gümüşay

Betül is an MA student at Pamukkale University. Her fields of interest are education for sustainable development in early childhood, the relationship between language and cognitive development, language acquisition of 36-72 month-old children, and the factors affecting language acquisition. She is currently continuing her research on the relationship between attitude towards sustainability and problem-solving skills.

Undergraduate Assistants

Ece Yılmaz

Ece is a 3rd-year psychology student at Kadir Has University. She has been taking part in research studies at Silab for 1 year as an undergraduate assistant. She is particularly interested in brain plasticity and the executive functions of preschool children (i.e., working memory, inhibition, and attention controlling) and the interrelationships of these functions. She is also interested in studies on the differences and similarities in the executive functions and brain plasticity of monolingual and bilingual children and how these differences and similarities are reflected in the development process of children.

Kardelen Koç

Kardelen is an undergraduate student at Kadir Has University. She is studying both Psychology and Theatre in a double major program. She wants to explore how to effectively use theatre for a proper psychological, intellectual, and physical development of a child. She is interested in the effects of language on child development. For that matter, she is currently working as a scholarship intern researcher on a TUBITAK project which is about the effects of an acquired second language on the perception of children.

Karla Tüzütürk

 Karla is a 4th-year psychology student at Kadir Has University. As a bilingual person, she joined SiLaB because she is interested in the differences in bilingualism on speaking and understanding. This is her 2nd year as an assistant in Silab.

Ömer Çağlayan

Ömer is an undergraduate student studying foreign language education at Boğaziçi University. Linguistic typology and second language learning in adults are the two major fields he wants to study. In doing so, he aims to focus on the importance of individual and cultural differences and their overlooked effects on data from large samples. He believes that to understand and observe such differences, a researcher should also study psycholinguistics and bilingualism. In this sense, he has been an undergraduate assistant at SiLab for one year, taking part in various research studies.

Petek Keçe

Petek is a 4th- year psychology student at Kadir Has University. She is interested in the effects of being bilingual on some skills of children, such as theory of mind and emotional intelligence. Also, she wants to examine the effects of the age of language acquisition on children. This is her first year in SiLab.

Seher Kaçar


Elif Altın

Elif was an MA student at Kadir Has University. She wrote her thesis on the effect of writing direction on the spatial representation of time. 

She is interested in bilingualism, the relationship between language and cognition, and moral decision-making in a second language.

Former Undergraduate Assistants

Hazal Civelek

Asude Firdevs Eraçıkbaş

Belkıs Sayın

Ceyda Özkan

Dilara Şengül

Simge Sarıçiçek

Ayşe Doğan

Esra Yalçın

Nurdem Okur

Zeynep Betül Yücesoy